Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Collection AW20-SS22

Aceite De Oliva Virgen Extra Ecológico





Organic Olive 

At Verde Esmeralda Olive we are aware of our commitment to the environment. Our passion for the land and nature drive us to promote innovative techniques through which we can extract the best essence of our fruits from the utmost care and attention to nature. Our organic extra virgin olive oil is present in Blue Sapphire, Organic and Baby Organic, through which you can savor the distinction that characterizes them.


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Flavor Characteristics 

Ecological Oil

Respect for the fields and the olive trees motivates us to produce extra organic olive oil with a differentiated quality. We take care of our fruits in a very careful way because we want to achieve the maximum delicacy in our oil, while respecting each and every one of the factors linked to the production process. At Verde Esmeralda we want to give you the opportunity to buy organic olive oil online and enjoy a distinguished flavor. The organic oil stands out for having an intense fruity flavor. It leaves a feeling of density accompanied by a spicy taste. In addition, it also has a bitter taste, with which it manages to give it an original touch while being delicious. The distinguished aromas from our organic oil will conquer your nose as well as your palate.


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Organic olive 


The benefits of 

our organic oil

The organic olive oil Jaén is a variety that is treated in a careful and meticulous way to obtain the best essence of the fruit through the utmost respect for our fields. Manually and one by one we collect our olives, in this way we preserve their qualities, avoiding the aggressiveness of systematic methods that could damage their optimal conditions. The subtlety with which it works in manual harvesting allows to preserve the quality worked throughout its cultivation and not damage the fruit. Consuming organic oil benefits your body and the environment. Its totally natural quality without any type of substance benefits the organism in a direct way, avoiding damaging its corresponding functioning with substances that are not ecological. In addition, its nutritional guarantee helps the body's articulation, preventing diseases such as thrombosis. Its natural character makes it an oil that respects its environment while having an exquisite quality and a delicious flavor.


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IMAGINE ORGANIC (Harvest in 2020)
From ¥5,400 - ¥8,900
Tres BABY collection with Original Gift Box (2020)
Blue Sapphire (Harvest in 2020)
Baby Picual (Harvest in 2020)
Baby Royal (Harvest in 2020)
IMAGINE PICUAL (Harvest in 2020)
From ¥4,900 - ¥7,900