Aceite de Oliva - Virgen Extra Picual(2021)

Aceite de Oliva - Virgen Extra Picual(2021)


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    At Verde Esmeralda Olive we produce the best Picual extra virgin olive oil using the most innovative technologies and ancestral processes. Our Picual oil is present in different sizes and designs, giving you the opportunity to choose and continue enjoying the exquisiteness of the same flavor. Verde Esmeralda Premium, Imagine Picual, Baby Picual and Luxury are of the Picual variety, each containing the exclusivity of our Picual essence.

    Why Green

    Esmeralda Olive Picual?



    Picual flavor

    Our mission is to offer quality, exclusivity and exquisiteness through our flavors. The Picual variety, from Jaén, is characterized by being the best known and most widespread in Spain. Through the techniques used, we obtain the best extract from each of the fruits. We managed to turn the most popular olive in our country into a distinguished oil with a flavor that conquers the finest palates.

    The Picual variety has very defined characteristics compared to other varieties. It stands out for its bitterness and its herbaceous aromas, such as herbs, fig trees, and tomato plants, as long as it comes from early harvests. When Picual oil is young, its spiciness is accentuated, always in a balanced way. It is considered a powerful and full-bodied oil, with which with a small portion on your plate you can already taste its distinguished flavor.

    Oil collection

    Picual olive

    The benefits

    of the Picual variety

    After the cultivation of the olive trees, the harvesting of the fruits is a key moment to maintain the quality worked during their harvest. At Verde Esmeralda Olive we put a lot of effort when harvesting. We manually pick each of the olives one by one, collecting the fruits as carefully as possible. In this way, we make sure that they are not altered by external factors that affect their conditions.

    The importance of Picual extra virgin olive oil in our health stands out for its multiple benefits for the proper functioning of our body. The Picual variety prevents cardiovascular diseases, thanks to its high content of polyphenols. These are the antioxidants that picual olive oil naturally contains, which is why they favor the prevention of multiple degenerative diseases and early skin deterioration. In addition, the great presence of Omega-6 in its elixir increases its particularity, since the only way to acquire it is externally. The human body does not generate this fatty acid so it can only be obtained through food.

    • Fruity Green: 7.9
    • Grass green: 7.8
    • Fig tree: 4.9
    • Tomato plant: 7.9
    • Green apple: 0.0
    • Green almond: 7.6
    • Stem artichoke: 5.4
    • Ripe almond: 0.0
    • Nuts: 0.0
    • Banana peel: 5.7
    • Other ripe fruits: 0.0
    • Astringency: 5.7
    • Stalk, nettle, green spike: 7.5
    • Bitter: 5.1
    • Pungent: 5.1