Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Collection AW21-SS22

Organic Picual variety

The plantation dedicated to Organic Picual variety is located at the foot of Sierra de Cazorla, where trees are cultivated on the undulating land of calcareous and nutritious black soil.  The fruit is small but has a condensed scent and taste that is clearly different from normal Picual.  Deep green oil has a rich flavor with moderate bitterness and irritation, and has a high content of oleic acid due to devised cultivation methods and quick oil squeezing, and is loved by authentic olive oil enthusiasts.  The flavor is fruity and green.  The rich aroma of "figs, grass, stems, citrus fruits and tomatoes" is overflowing, and the "sweetness, moderate bitterness, slightly spicy" taste is very complex and the balance is exquisitely finished.


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