Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Collection AW22-SS23

The IMAGINE Edition

Not too long ago, there was a great artist who brought happiness to the hearts of people around the world with great love.

His great love for humanity and his desire for world peace continue to live in our hearts even when he had gone to heaven.

The impressive word "IMAGINE" left by a great artist.

D. Samuel L. Fernandez, C.E.O. of Verde Esmeralda Olive, S.L, sympathizes with the wishes of a great artist and he lineup the "IMAGINE Edition" in one of the collections of Verde Esmeralda's brand.

The "IMAGINE Edition" arises from the urgent need to achieve a better world.

Imagine a world without war, a more equal world, a world without hunger, a world where all children have the right to a happy childhood.

With the "VERDE ESMERALDA IMAGINE Edition" it aims to contribute to a fairer world, which is why part of the IMAGINE Edition's benefit goes to charitable causes that contribute to achieving this goal.

The "IMAGINE Edition" is a collection by Verde Esmeralda that wishes for world peace.

There are two types of bottles made of smoked glass in a conical shape, 500 [ml.] and 250 [ml.].

Savor three virgin extra olive oils, carefully selected at the time of harvest and hand-picked with the finest fruits.

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