Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Collection AW20-SS22

Baby Organic (Harvest in 2020)


Baby Organic (Harvest in 2020)


This edition is presented in a 100ml format in a deep blue cubic glass bottle. Contains extra virgin olive oil of the Picual variety. Picual Organic oil has a strong personality.
They are green-colored oils, with a very intense fruity flavor, with a greater sensation of density and itching and medium bitterness. It is a variety highly appreciated for the earliness of its production, ease of cultivation and quality of the olive oil obtained, highlighting in this the high proportion of oleic acid. Its sensorial profile can be defined as very intense fruitiness of green olives, and very complex, with notes of fig, grass, stem, alloza, citrus and tomato. In the mouth, it is sweet, moderately bitter and slightly spicier, all very balanced. Picual Organic presents a more intense fruity than conventional Picual, this is due to the use of only organic products for the nutrition of olive trees.

Note :

  • This product was harvested in NOV. 2020
  • Best before JUl.2022