Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Collection AW21-SS22





Panel Test

  • Fruity Green: 7.2
  • Grass green: 7.0
  • Fig tree: 0.0
  • Tomato plant: 7.1
  • Apple: 2.0
  • Green almond: 7.3
  • Stem artichoke: 7.4
  • Ripe almond: 0.0
  • Nuts: 0.0
  • Green banana peel: 7.1
  • Other ripe fruits: 0.0
  • Astringency: 4.6
  • Stalk, nettle, green spike: 7.2
  • Bitter: 4.3
  • Pungent: 4.6

 Note :

This product was harvested in OCT. 2021
Best before MAR. 2023
The order status is available. 


The first night of harvest, the olives destined for the "Luxury" Edition are harvested and manually ground, from a careful selection of plots. The presentation of the exclusive Green Emerald Luxury Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made in a bottle whose shapes and proportions are identical to an Emerald, using the Emerald cut. The precious stone is presented in a box-type case with a SWAROVSKI crystal set, which is handcrafted in a luxury format, how could it be less, to house a precious stone, the ESMERALDA.
You want to know more?
Luxury oil is considered a luxury oil, due to the specific and careful process of obtaining it. Each one of the olives is collected hand by hand, without mechanical processes, to ensure the best possible care. The exclusivity of the olives are the result of a process of choosing the best olive trees.
From Verde Esmeralda we want to take a step further within our optimum quality oils. With Luxury we invite you to a distinguished experience through a luxury olive oil. From the moment you obtain the product, you can observe the elaborate design of the case, in which the elegance and differentiation are appreciated with the naked eye. How could it be less, the sensational taste of Luxury will take you on a journey of enjoyment for both the taste and the aroma.
The green of our Luxury oil represents the quality and exquisiteness of the emeralds themselves. The purity of our fruits represents this precious, delicate and elegant jewel. The process of obtaining Luxury oil is a meticulously cared process, with which we achieve the absolute distinction of a flavor that will not leave you indifferent. Its delicious flavor is the result of a monitoring in all phases of cultivation. The selection of the best olive trees, their setting, manual harvesting, the lack of thermal fluctuations and the continuous attention to having the optimum temperature, are some of the factors that make Verde Esmeralda Olive have an exquisite flavor and unmatched quality.
Our goal is to ally ourselves with our lands, pamper them and take care of them in order to make our product a top quality oil and an unforgettable flavor. This is the result of our admiration for nature and the environment, which allow us to get the most out of them together with the best innovation systems.