Intense Flavor...and Full of Sensations


Harmony between the balance of Orth nasal (sweetness, spiciness, bitterness) and Retro nasal (After cense that goes through the throat to the nose). Realization of its delicate flavor. That's the Verde Esmeralda brand.


Nice interior on the dining table. Each emerald cut bottle (500ml color bottle) is handmade by a Spanish glass craftsman.

Flavor that continues to be loved locally

Every year in the first week of October, new oil from Verde Esmeralda is lined up in the oil cellar of a local restaurant. And olive oil enthusiasts rush into the city to taste new oils. Verde Esmeralda, a brand loved by the home of extra virgin olive oil.

Comments from Japanese customers

"Impressive deliciousness"
"Enchanted by the wonderful colors"
"The best olive oil"
"Delicious and surprised"
"The most delicious brand when I went to Spain. I'm happy to be able to buy it in Japan."
We have received very happy impressions. We are doing our best to deliver this deliciousness to everyone in Japan and to be fascinated by its color.



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