Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Collection AW20-SS22


Post : OCT.14th 2021

From October 16th to October 29th, product shipments will be suspended due to participating in head office training.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would be happy if you could order before October 16th or after October 29th.

Welcome to Verde Esmeralda Japón !!

Verde Esmeralda Japón is the official importer of VERDE ESMERALDA OLIVE, SL. Asia Pacific.
We bring you fresh extra virgin olive oil from Jaen, Andalucía, Spain.

Debuted at Olive Japan 2020 in July 2020.

Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra – VERDE ESMERALDA OLIVE

Since time immemorial, olive oil has been called "sacred drops" and has been a very valuable ingredient.
And our ancestors have advocated the concept of high quality extra virgin olive oil and handed down outstanding production technology.
The traditions and aesthetics of these ancestors merged with modern technology to create VERDE ESMERALDA OLIVE.
«The finest extra virgin olive oil produced by VERDE ESMERALDA OLIVE provides a unique concept, such as a beauty reminiscent of the green emerald of one of the world's four precious stones, and the blessings of nature brought by the Cazorla Mountains and the Guadalquivir water source. »
VERDE ESMERALDA JAPÓN imports the jewel-like beautiful VERDE ESMERALDA OLIVE collection directly into Tokyo, and strives to be enjoyed by many customers in Asia Pacific.