Spain, Andalusia, Province of Jaen.... The two kinds of olives, the Picual and Royal varieties grown in the vast land of Jaen, brought "the drop of God" to this world. Long ago, olive oil was a sacred balm that was applied to the forehead of the kings of the king as a "mark of the Messiah." VERDE ESMERALDA has continued to produce its own perfume oil through "Olive farms that have been inherited for generations" and "Oil mills constructed with the latest technology", that is, "tradition" and "innovation."
In 2020, the historic VERDE ESMERALDA will finally land in Tokyo, the supply base of Asia, as VERDE ESMERALDA JAPÓN.
The refined AOVE (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) has a natural scent, a mellow sweetness, bitterness and astringency, and an exciting spiciness. . . The minimal balm will enrich our hearts every time we take it.
That is exactly the "holy drop that God has given".
AOVE will fuse with Japan's delicate food culture and lead us to a new spiritual world.
And it's time for all to wake up for a new bright future.